U2-F-W Sakura 30" Range Hood - White - Made in Taiwan

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Overview Intuitive and dependable, the Sakura U2-F range hood keeps your stove well ventilated when you're cooking. It's equipped with four vents with 680 CFM extraction for eliminating smoke, steam, smells and bacteria, and patented grease-trapping cups to keep oil out of the hood. A fuzzy logic sensor automatically adjusts fan speeds based on heat and smoke volume, providing the optimal ventilation.

  • Four vents with 680 CFM extraction eliminate smoke, steam, odors and bacteria
  • Patented grease-trapping cups and aluminum filters lock in grease and prevent it from getting in the hood
  • Grease-trapping cups and filters are removable and dishwasher safe
  • Built-in rear grease-trapping cups and front fans
  • Fuzzy logic sensor automatically adjusts fan speeds according to heat and smoke volume
  • Soft-touch four-speed automatic control
  • Twin motors for superior power and quiet operation
  • Front smoke cover redirects smoke and steam
  • Teflon-coated non-stick fans prevent grease buildup inside the hood.
  • All parts are made at Sakura Taiwan with excellent quality control.
  • W 29 3/4" x D 25" x H 7"
  • 6" top round opening
  • Distance Requirement from bottom of cabinet to the counter top: Gas stove 34", Electric stove 32"