R7261 Sakura 30" Range Hood - Stainless Steel - Under Cabinet

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The R7261 is a professional grade range hood for your home kitchen.  In this model you get the quality that is in every Sakura; a powerful 1000 CFM motor; Self-cleaning turbine;  Motion activation; Best depth housing design, Extra wide smoke inlet; Baffle with nano-coating technology, easy clean, free dismantle; Stainless steel large oil tank, and thoughtful safety protection. 

  • 1000 CFM extraction for removing, smoke, steam, odors and bacteria. 
  • Auto delay shutoff, extracts lingering odors after cooking.  
  • 10-min auto heating is the perfect solution for interior cleaning, all through one simple touch. Regular maintenance keeps the range hood clean as new, and stays optimal performance. No more cleaning filter. 
  • Using infrared sensor control you can turn kitchen range hood on or off, lights up and adjust speed simply with a wave of your hand. Touch-free, makes cooking more convenient without leaving a single fingerprint on the range hood. 
  • Powerful suction with 23-inch depth large coverage area, complete fume exhausting is assured. 90 degree golden optimum angle prevents fumes from escaping, and creates efficient suction zone. Perfectly captures smoke from front and back burners. 
  • Nanotech oil-free coating with self-cleaning property, which minimizes oil and water adhesion to the filter and resists to scratching. The grease inside will be collected by large Grease Tray, while the surface can be easily cleaned by kitchen cloth. 
  • Stainless steel large oil tank has more capacity, Reduce cleaning frequency. 
  • Sound remainder and 3 second delay closing designed provide safer operation while smoke plate is working. Screen Lock Function prevents accidental start when cleaning the range hood. 
  • 30" x 19"-23.4" x 16.1" 
  • Top Venting: 7" round
  • Plug-in
  • Distance Requirement from bottom of cabinet and the counter top must be 29" to 32"